Commercial Exhibition


Product: 2*3 55” multi-touch wall
Application: Financial institution
Client: Bank, the Netherlands

Project highlights:
Interactive wall merged with 6 screens. With the fast response speed of 10ms, the merged multi-touch wall is a powerful and effective way of commercial interaction to display.
Customized software for client interaction. ZaagTech designed customized software, enabling the function of information retrieving, 3D image rotation and screen saver animation.



Product: 46’’40 touch multi-touch overlay
Application: Skittle-alley gaming machine
Client: Shopping mall, Turkey

Project highlights:
Enriched gaming experience
: the Zaagtech technology powered machine supports multi-fingers per player, making the machine a much exciting choice compared with the traditional slot machine.
Multi-player. The overlay, which supports up to 40 touch points, bring out even more fun from intrapersonal interaction among multiple players.
Speed and accuracy. ZaagTech's technology ensure 100% touch accuracy, while the 8ms touch response time satisfied demanding applications that require rapid game play.

Commercial Presentation


Product: 65’’ multi-touch wall
Application: New product presentation
Client: Microsoft innovative university, the Philippines

Project highlights:
Effective product demonstration.
Breathe new life into the education process with rich visualizations that encourage teamwork and enhance learning.
Engaging audience interaction. Give the students immersive and collaborative ways to engage with the class.
Official Microsoft partner. ZaagTech made the combination with Window 8 possible. It is the general trend for future education.



Product: 82’’ multi-touch wall
Application: Military GIS
Location:  Army headquarter, northeastern China

Project highlights:
Military digitalization. The now technology equipped the army with the ability of getting the information far more fast, and achieving the best performance for the chief office.
Stable performance. It offers accurate and safe control procedures and instruments with fast refresh rates, zero-tolerance for false touches and 100% touch accuracy despite large amount of information.
Auto re-connection. It will connect automatically within the shortest 0.1ms after the power interruption.



Product: 4*32,32 touch point interactive table
Application: interactive table used for bar.
Client: bar, Australia

Project highlights:
Water-proof. Water resistance without any extra efforts, no scoop-like interior housing!  
Large point recognition. ZaagTech overlay can recognize large diameter up to 10cm. Things like glass, cellphone and paper money etc.
Increase the interactive entertainment.
With 32 touch points, game can be played by multi-users at a time. ZaagTech just add new experience for enjoyment.