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High Response Rate

Compared to other infrared touch overlays in the market, the response rate of the X Series Multi-Touch Overlays provide low touch latency of 7 ms, thus enabling effortless drag and reinforcing a natural gesture input experience.


Ambient Light Immunity

X Series Multi-Touch Overlays are designed for flawless use in a wide range of environments with ambient light, producing crisp displays both indoors and outdoors, even under strobe lights.

Multi-Touch Support


Multi-panel on One PC

X Series Multi-Touch Overlays support Multi-Users. Unlike systems that provide limited multi-touch technology such as dual or triple touch, X Series Multi-Touch Overlays provide true multi-touch capability. With more simultaneous touches and better object size recognition, ZaagTech provides a new standard for true Multi-Touch technology.

X Series supports “Multi-panel on One PC” technology, which enables users to deploy many zinFrame panels at stores, meeting rooms, and exhibition halls using only one PC. Moreover, the panels can function together or separately, eliminating the need for multiple PCs while providing a more interactive, multi-dimensional, multi-user, and multi-touch environment.

Customizable Size Formatting


Remote Control

X Series Multi-Touch Overlays are available in screens as large as 200’’ or even larger and, with additional touch points, are useful for large events like expos and exhibitions applicable to any professional field.


X Series Multi-Touch Overlays are quite flexible and can directly connect with computers more than 50 m via USB connection, allowing users to give presentations without their computers in clear view.